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Cracks, deformation, coking, cracks, inclinations, loose bricks, partial shedding of the furnace wall of the biomass-fired boiler, stuck by hard objects at the wall of the furnace tube and burning of the sealing asbestos rope, damage to the furnace wall o

22 Feb, 2022

  Cracks, deformation, coking, cracks, inclinations, loose bricks, partial falling off of furnace walls of biomass-fired boilers, stuck by hard objects at the wall of furnace tubes and burning of sealed asbestos ropes, damage to furnace walls and suspensions of combustion chambers, etc. what to do?

  ​1. The unreasonable structure of the furnace wall and furnace arch hinders the normal expansion of the boiler’s pressure components.

  2. The combustion position is not correct, so that the temperature of some furnace walls and furnace arches is too high, which causes them to burn out, deform or collapse.

  3. When the newly built furnace wall and furnace arch are baked, due to the short drying time and too fast heating, the furnace wall and furnace arch will be put into operation before the ash joints are dry.

  4. During operation, the combustion adjustment is improper, the flame center is deviated, the long-term positive pressure combustion, the furnace temperature is too high, if the ash melting point is low, the furnace is easy to coke. The furnace wall is seriously coked, and water is sprayed to the furnace wall when coking.

  5. The fire start, stop and increase or decrease are too fast, causing the furnace wall and furnace arch to expand or shrink suddenly, and the furnace wall or furnace arch is damaged due to improper methods or excessive force during manual slag slag.

  6. Improper ratio of mortar and poor maintenance.

  7. The mortar between bricks is not full. The quality of the refractory material is not good, and the furnace wall and furnace arch are prone to burning and deformation under the action of high temperature, and collapse in severe cases.

  8. When the boiler is working normally, if the air outside the furnace enters the furnace, the carbon dioxide content in the flue gas will decrease, the oxygen content will increase, the combustion chamber will become positive pressure, and the boiler bracket or wall skin will be formed.


  1. When the furnace wall is slightly cracked, it is generally filled with asbestos rope, and a layer of refractory cement and asbestos powder mortar is applied on the outside.

  2. The damaged area of ​​the furnace wall is large, the temperature of the boiler support or the surface of the furnace wall rises abnormally, the boiler steel frame and hollow beam are red and the furnace wall is in danger of collapsing. In this case, the furnace must be stopped immediately and organized. manpower repair.

  3. If only a small amount of refractory bricks fall from the furnace wall and furnace arch, or the outer wall is slightly protruded, the monitoring and inspection during operation should be strengthened, and the operation should be maintained for a short time until the standby furnace is started or the furnace is scheduled to be shut down for maintenance.

  4. The damaged area of ​​the furnace arch is large, and the effect of the arch in the combustion has been lost. The furnace should be stopped immediately and repaired or rebuilt.

  5. If the damaged area of ​​the furnace wall or hanging swivel is not large and the degree of damage is not serious, the excess air coefficient in the furnace can be appropriately reduced, and the combustion temperature can be reduced to maintain short-term operation.

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