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Will biomass boilers produce dust?

14 Feb, 2022

  At present, many heavy industries in my country use biomass boilers to replace traditional boilers. We know that traditional boiler buildings not only emit pollutants into the atmosphere when they are burned, but also emit a lot of dust. So will biomass boilers produce dust? Let's find out together.

  Since the fuel used in biomass boilers is different from traditional fossil fuels, the reaction speed of the fuel and the composition of the extinguished products are quite different from those of fossil fuels in the process of combustion. The extinction process of biomass fuel is: after the fuel is sent to the extinguishing chamber, under the action of high temperature heat, the fuel is heated and water is separated out. When the temperature of the fuel increases to about 250°C, volatile components will be precipitated and form coke. The gaseous volatiles and the surrounding high temperature air will be ignited and extinguished first. Since the coke is surrounded by volatile components, the oxygen in the combustion chamber of the biomass boiler cannot easily penetrate the coke. Some ash will be produced.

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