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The convenience brought by the transformation of traditional boilers into biomass boilers

11 Feb, 2022

  Replacing traditional boilers with biomass boilers brings a lot of convenience, enabling full fuel combustion, high efficiency and energy saving, no pollution, and zero emissions. Traditional boilers will make the grate coke, the grate material layer is thicker, and the vibration frequency is small. The vibration time is short and the fuel combustion is not sufficient. The number of fire holes in this appearance is insufficient and the arrangement is unreasonable. In order to improve the air volume in the drying area of the furnace, the air holes on the middle and high end grate are reamed, so that the fuel enters the grate and the steps Staged combustion leads to an increase in the air volume and a decrease in the wind speed in the area of the same wind pressure and reaming, and the penetrating power of the grate air to the fuel is greatly reduced.

biomass boilers

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