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Daily maintenance of biomass boiler blower

08 Feb, 2022

  Everyone knows that most biomass boilers are equipped with blowers and induced draft fans. Because of the relatively energy-saving boiler products, the internal structure of the boiler is more complicated, and most of the flue gas emissions are of a three-pass structure.

  You can judge whether the induced draft fan is running normally through the following aspects!

  1. Always listen to the fan for abnormal sound

  2. Usually pay more attention to observe whether the fan has abnormal vibration

  3. Always use a multimeter to check whether the motor voltage is stable

  4. Use an ammeter to check whether the current is over-safe.

  5. Always feel with your hand whether the motor is overheating

  During the combustion process of the biomass boiler, the main function of the blower is to send sufficient oxygen to the burning biomass particles, so that the particles are fully burned, and the induced draft fan mainly drives the burned heat to flow in the boiler fire tube to heat the boiler. The role of water Regularly checking the above items can effectively prevent damage to the fan, and deal with abnormalities in time

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