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Scientific and careful maintenance can ensure the efficient operation of biomass boiler

13 Jan, 2022

  Compared with traditional boilers, biomass boilers have huge advantages, which are of great help in saving energy and reducing environmental pollution, so they have received extensive attention.

  In order to make the biomass boiler run more lastingly, careful maintenance should also be carried out during use.

  First of all, it is necessary to regularly add lubricating oil to the exposed valve, locking bolts and other movable parts of the biomass boiler to prevent the phenomenon of biting. On the one hand, the lubricating oil can protect the surface of the machine, and it can also strengthen the parts break-in between.​​

  Secondly, the phenomenon that the insulation layer falls off during the use of the biomass boiler should be repaired in time to prevent more serious damage.​​

  Furthermore, according to the use of the boiler, the boiler should be cleaned inside and outside the boiler regularly, usually once a year. Doing so can ensure the cleanliness of the boiler and the normal use of various parts.​​

  It is best to eliminate the phenomenon of running, running, dripping and leaking during the operation of the boiler in time.​​

  Only by doing the above maintenance measures can the biomass boiler operate normally and efficiently.

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