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What are the combustion systems of biomass boilers

16 Feb, 2022

  Biomass boiler is an industrial boiler that burns biomass pellets. With the support of national energy conservation and environmental protection policies, this series of boilers has been widely welcomed by the market. The following is an introduction to how the combustion system of the biomass boiler works.

  1. Fuel feeding system

  The feeding system consists of silo, vibrating feeder, screw feeder, screw feeding pipe and other components.​​

  The fuel processed in the factory is transferred to the silo through the belt conveyor, and then the BMF fuel in the silo is fed to the burner through the screw feeder for combustion. In order to ensure the stability of continuous feeding and material conveying, a vibrating feeder is connected between the silo and the screw feeder.

  2. Combustion system

  The combustion system consists of burners, fans, igniters and other components. The biomass fuel first has a preheating process in the burner, and then the fuel is transported to the furnace for combustion through the fan. BMF fuel contains high volatile matter. When the temperature in the furnace reaches the precipitation temperature of its volatile matter, the igniter fuel can be quickly ignited and burned under the condition of air supply. The burner temperature control is based on the internal temperature of the furnace, and its temperature is related to the amount of air supplied during fuel gasification. The adjustment of the boiler load is controlled by the adjustment of the feeding amount. The combusted flue gas enters the convection flue through the furnace for heat exchange, then enters the dust collector for purification treatment, and finally discharges to complete the entire combustion and heat transfer process.​​

  3. Soot blowing system

  The boiler is equipped with a fully automatic soot blowing device, which can regularly purge the furnace and flue pipes to ensure that there is no ash accumulation on the surface of the flue pipes, thereby realizing the safe and efficient operation of the boiler.​​

  4. Smoke and wind system

  Induced air dust removal system: Under the action of the induced draft fan, the high-temperature flue gas generated after the combustion is passed through the convection heat exchange in the flue pipe and enters the dust collector for purification, and finally is discharged from the chimney through the induced draft fan.

  Air supply system: The boiler air supply system is integrated with the burner, and the air is sent to the furnace through the burner through the blower to achieve the role of fuel delivery and combustion support.​​

Biomass boiler

  5. Boiler automatic control system

  The biomass boiler control system adopts high-brightness display, and the famous brand PLC control system is used as the central control unit; it exchanges information with the boiler user in the way of man-machine dialogue, and realizes the fully automatic operation of the BMF boiler.

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